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Christmas Crafts And Coloring Books

After some brief instructions, this book offers many, many gift cards, scrapbook paper pages, and other detachable -- and simple -- paper crafts for the holidays. The designs throughout are quite varied, and all rendered in a friendly fashion yet at a professional...

Rope Word Art DIY

What a great idea for home or room decor. Write any word you want: names, seasons, and more! This would be great at a Cowboy party, too. Rope Word Art DIY

Color Index XL

As a designer, I spend a huge amount of time thinking about color and how best to make color work within my designs. I usually find color palettes and codes on the internet, but I was excited to see this book and be able to flip through it and find exactly what I'm...

DIY Budding Branch

Make a pretty floral branch out of paper. What a pretty table centerpiece!

Creative And Spiritual Journaling

I'm really enjoying this little, hardcover book: The Daily Question: My Five-Year Spiritual Journal. It's the perfect size for me to keep in my nightstand table and pull out at the end of the night to record my thoughts. It...

Valentine Wire Heart Garland

Learn how to make this simple heart garland out of wire as a lovely Valentine's Day decoration! Valentine Wire Heart Garland


I have some budding artists in my home, so I've bought them each several items to spark their creativity -- grown-up coloring books, doodling guides, and more. In ilLISTration, there are illustrations from 12 different artists, each with their own design style. The...

Simply Calligraphy

I've practiced several styles of calligraphy in years past, but it's been quite a while since I've attempted it and instead have switched over to digital design. When I saw Simply Calligraphy, I thought it would be nice to brush up on some of the simple basics and I...